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PM Chimerawizard
Joined: 2007-05-26 21:21:33
PM Ragnarok.Chimerawizard
Tupsimati: 1/26/2015 ~ Banned 2/06/2015 ~ Restarted with a new account on 3/26/2015 ~ running slow sucks, but not as much as losing a 10yo character.
PM Ragnarok.Voidstorm
Gold Sheets 20k/e & Chains 30k/e; will make as many as needed. Sif's Macrame has a limited supply of roughly a stack a day.
PM Ragnarok.Ulamounii
Ragnarok.Voidstorm 's mule.
PM Ragnarok.Ulamounie
Voidstorm's attachment. Working on making all crafted attachments to bazaar, will take time as smith/wood/alchemy friends are taking a break.