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Controller Dual Boxing
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By Bongarippa 2023-01-15 14:49:57
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I've been using autohotkey for a few years now for dual boxing purposes, once switch mon stopped working for me. However, this morning my controller decided to crap out so I went to best buy and got me a nice new xbox 360 controller. Everything works great except it doesnt recognize the commands, or auto hotkey idk. I have the correct key number, i've tried restarting ffxi and my laptop, even tried redownloading ahk and rewriting the same script but that hasn't worked either. My question is, does anyone use anything else for multi boxing with a controller? Does anyone have any suggestions or any other type of input?
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By Asura.Fondue 2023-01-15 15:23:10
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I had the problem with switchmon and xbox controllers recently, fixed it with using the xinputsplus wrapper on switchmon and it seems to work fine now
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