Position Manager: Place Game Window Where You Want

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Position Manager: place game window where you want
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By Lili 2021-01-23 13:06:08
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Hello all,

this addon has been in the launcher for some months now, but today I updated it so I thought I'd make a thread about it.

Position Manager lets you set a specific on-screen position and/or size for the game window, associated to the current character. The addon will then take care of moving the window where you want it when that character is logged in.

The addon requires the wincontrol plugin to work - it's just a light wrapper over it, that is able to save settings.

The addon supports IPC, so you can //pm set 1920 0 Yourothercharacter from Yourmaincharacter, and Yourothercharacter's position/size will immediately update, so you can conveniently place all your 12 boxes from a single window.

Settings are saved so there's no need to place any commands in your init.txt anymore.

The addon can be installed from the Windower launcher itself. Remember to also install WinControl at the same time.
For help or to report issues, feel free to use this thread.
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By Leviathan.Supernads 2021-02-25 23:53:01
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Thanks for this, makes things convenient.
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