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Inventory solution hack
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By Hlyknght 2021-01-04 21:23:14
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Hey everyone, I wanted to share something I came up with (as far as I know) to possibly help with managing your inventory. Considering how much the community has improved the quality of life of this game (by way of addons/plugins, etc) I wanted to share what I use to help manage my inventory and reduce the amount of utilized storage. It involves using Organizer, Gearswap, and Porterpacker. The point of this is to be able to switch to any job you play, use an alias to have organizer put the moogle slips into your inventory, get items from porterpacker, then putting those items and slips away in designated storage space of your choosing. The reason I have done this is because I am somewhat OCD with being organized and though I do not play a whole lot of jobs and am not maxed out on inventory space, I try and reduce the inevitability of that happening. I am actually pretty interested in how you all can help optimize this method or share what you may do to alleviate storage space. I do not think this would best serve everyone, but if I can help someone with this method, that would make me happy.

First off, In my character - globals file I have the generic alias for porting equipment that is generalized so that each of my jobs can use it:

send_command('Alias Gearup Pack; wait 4; porterpacker unpack; wait 22; gs equip naked; wait 1; unpack; wait 3; gs c update; input /echo Job Ready! Have Fun')
send_command('Alias Geardown gs equip naked; wait 1; Pack; wait 4; porterpacker pack; wait 22; gs equip naked; wait 1; unpack; wait 3; gs c update; input /echo You may now changes Jobs! Have a great day!')

I have gearswap commands in the alias because sometimes you will have equipment equiped and wont be able to move and/or store them if they are (which you probably knew).

Secondly, For the actual job gearswap files, i put these aliases in them:

send_command('Alias Pack gs equip naked; wait 2; org o Hlyknght_RUNPack') --Porterpacker will utilize the inventory
send_command('Alias Unpack gs equip naked; wait 2; org o Hlyknght_RUNUnpack') --Porterpacker will utilize Wardrobe and safe2

Getting it to work:

First place all of your gear ideally in one bag that you plan to have them while you play the job, like wardrobe and place all moogle slips into one bag as well, like safe2. Now you have to freeze these bags with organizer. For this example the commands I'd use in this example is:
//org freeze wardrobe Hlyknght_RUNUnPack
//org freeze safe2 Hlyknght_RUNUnPack

Next; Get all the gear that you can store with porterpacker and all of your moogle slips into your inventory and use organizer to freeze the inventory. For this example, the command would be:
//org freeze inventory Hlyknght_RUNPack

Lastly you have to save a file for porterpacker to be able to pull these items out from the porter moogle; The command in this example would be:
//porterpacker export Hlyknght_RUN

Now you can put all your items back where they belong (as if you were going to play this job) and use //geardown right beside the portermoogle and it will take all that gear and store it for you. it will notify you when it is done working and you will be able to change jobs. You can use the command //gearup to have it put the moogle slips back into your inventory and take out the gear for the next job (as long as you go through this whole process again setting up that job to store gear). Once again, Thank you all for all your hard work and I hope this can help someone out.
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