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Join in on our [Simulation]!
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user: Myishka
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By Cerberus.Myishka 2020-09-06 22:36:47
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Hihi! "Simulation" linkshell on Cerberus is currently recruiting; So, if you're a returning player or starting from scratch and want a group of randoms to do things with, you're welcome to join us! We have scheduled events in the evenings (CDT): such as Escha clears, Dyna D runs, Omen and other stuff. So, if you want in.. grab a pearl at the linkshell concierge npcs in town and come say hello! Btw - we're on Discord.. come say hi.. promise we won't bite.. unless you ask us to!
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By Xaander 2020-09-07 12:48:06
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It's cool you're accepting new and returning players. Have a bump.
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