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LFG to run events with
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By Cerberus.Deathangle 2020-05-12 16:41:48
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returning player looking for group to run events with during evenings or weekends (cst). I have 5 accounts that willing to bring to events.
Main account- DRK MNK DNC RNG all mastered with multiple remas and high end gear. THf 1300jp working towards master with multiple remas. SMN master with decent gear just started working on nirvana. ninja/sam 500jp both with rema and decent gear.
1st mule- GEO master idris with high end gear. rdm sch master working on gear.
2nd mule- BRD mastered with relic horn mythic dagger empyrean haro and aoenic horn. geo master with idris and high end gear. sch master working on gear.
3rd mule. RUN master mid range gear legend in SOA working on epeolatry. just hit 99 pld working captain rank working on burtang
4th mule- fresh 99 poorly geared whm that still working.
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