[LFG] Looking For Any Kind Of Ambuscade Static!

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[LFG] Looking for any kind of Ambuscade static!
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By Cerberus.Hideka 2020-01-16 10:18:36
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Currently looking for an ambuscade static that runs frequently. I recently came back to the game about two months ago, so i'm still in the process of getting caught up. Ambuscade is definately my best method of getting caught up. i've managed to farm it out almost completely over the last two months. I still need a month or two to finish all of my set critical pieces across all of my jobs (Working on flamma/Soulevaen for PLD&WAR). what's mostly holding me back on each job right now is gil, so the more ambu the better lmao.

My available Jobs are: PLD RDM THF COR GEO BLU

PLD- Currently i only have ochain. i'm about 40% through the currency farm for Aegis. i'm still missing a few AH Pieces for HP (lookin at you moonlight rings/cape), and have a fairly decent FC/Cure/DT Sets made.

Current DT for paladin
ItemSet 370782

RDM - Currently Very well geared. 3/5 Malignance for melee, several +2 JSE, Several +1 Almaric. Can do
well on just about anything currently.

Hybrid RDM Melee
ItemSet 370554
RDM Full melee
ItemSet 370784

GEO - 900 Skill + Dunna, not much else to say. i only play this as a buff ***, but its gotten decent nuking/enfeebling equips from my redmage.

THF - accidentally geared pretty ok from rdm drops. Kaja/Sandung, 3/5 malignance etc. ItemSet 370785

BLU - Same as thf- have all blu spells.

COR - Basic *** tier Savage blade corsair. Working on TP Bonus gun, and +1 JSE currently.
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By apollocry 2020-01-16 10:35:26
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I can't offer a static as I already have one, but Aunan, elzilcho and I try to work people in as we can for 3-4 VD runs to help them use their seals and get upgrade items.

If you're looking for any kind of ambuscade, you could probably just ask in the linkshell discord or in game and get a group for normal difficulty pretty easily.
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