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Battlemod filters question
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By mrlooolz 2018-05-28 14:21:17
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I am having trouble reading and understanding the way the filters work. I downloaded Speedy Jims settings and I like it. How ever I play BST sometimes and I party with many summoners. Id like to be able to see only their ready moves and damage of those moves. Where can I change that. It would be helpful if someone points me to it so I can try and understand how to read the tags. I do see that out is actor etc but still have a hard time understanding how to read stuff under global and under monster. Any help greatly appreciated:
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By Asura.Heeroyuy 2018-05-28 18:25:35
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Copy/paste your original filters file in data/filters and rename the new one filters-BST

Starting at Line 156:
change <all> to false
change all the rest to true except <damage> and <readies>, leave them false.
That should take care of it for you.

<!-- He's targeting someone else's pet -->
<all>true</all> <!-- Prevents all of your messages from appearing -->
<casting>false</casting> <!-- Prevents your "Jim begins casting ____" messages from appearing -->
<damage>false</damage> <!-- Prevents your damage from appearing -->
<healing>false</healing> <!-- Prevents your healing from appearing -->
<melee>false</melee> <!-- Prevents your melee ("white") damage from appearing -->
<misses>false</misses> <!-- Prevents your misses from appearing -->
<ranged>false</ranged> <!-- Prevents your ranged damage from appearing -->
<readies>false</readies> <!-- Prevents your "Jim readies ____" messages from appearing -->
<target>false</target> <!-- true = SHOW all actions where I am the target. -->

you may also have to do the same for 168 <others> and 182 <party> tags to see them.
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By mrlooolz 2018-05-29 07:24:31
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Thank you thank you so much.

Okay ill do it. Thank you so much i though my question will never get answered.
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