Struggling For Accuracy

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Struggling for Accuracy
Serveur: Shiva
Game: FFXI
user: Mlrlohki
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By Shiva.Mlrlohki 2016-04-23 14:07:46
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Trying to get a MNK build to 1100 accuracy and having some issues. Finishing my Verethragna upgrade will help but until I get there I'm only at 1025 as MNK/DNC.

Current gear:
Verethragna (119 I)
Hasty Pinion +1
Dampening Tam (DEX+9, Acc+13, MAcc+14, QA+2)
Iqabi Necklace
Steelflash/Bladeborn Earring
Bhikku Cyclas +1
Adhemar Wristbands (Dex+10/Agi+10/Acc+15)
Adoulin/Patricius Rings
Segomo's Mantle (20 STR/Att/Acc, 10 Double attack)
Anguinus Belt
Ryuo Hakama (Acc+20, Store TP+4, PDT-3)
Taeon Boots (+21 Acc, TA+2, Crit Damage+3)

Anyone have any recommendations what to hunt down?

Edit: was using Hurch'lan Sash but forgot I had an Anguinus belt that has the same Acc, but Att and DA as well.
By 2016-04-23 14:11:52
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Serveur: Sylph
Game: FFXI
user: Gaztastic
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By Sylph.Oraen 2016-04-23 14:24:15
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Ammo: Falcon Eye
Neck: Combatant's Torque or Subtlety Spectacles
Earrings: Cessance, Telos, Dignitary's, Zennaroi
Body: Adhemar Jacket, Herculean Vest, Tatenashi Haramaki (these three are admittedly difficult to obtain)
Hands are good, can get slightly more with Herculean, but requires very good augments. Also look into Ryuo Tekko.
Rings: Ramuh +1, cacoethic/+1
Back is fine, but if you really wanted accuracy, should have gone DEX.
Belt: Olseni Belt, Kentarch +1
Legs: Samnuha tights, Adhemar kecks, acc focused Herculean
Feet: Herculean feet, here. Excellent TP choice.
Serveur: Shiva
Game: FFXI
user: Mlrlohki
Posts: 64
By Shiva.Mlrlohki 2016-04-23 14:29:46
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Awesome, thanks, Oraen. Actually going out to hunt down the Herculean feet right now.
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