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GearSwap: Custom commands for nuking
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By Shiva.Tilanna 2015-11-06 15:22:45
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A couple weeks ago a few LS mates were talking about trying to adapt Mote's DNC custom commands (found here) to nuking for SCH and BLM. I decided to take them up on the challenge and we've been using them to save tons of macro space, so I figured I'd share with the rest of the community as well in case anyone else would like to use them.

I should note, these require Mote's libraries, as they use a lot of the functionality provided by them.

Custom commands:
gs c nuke # [ga/ja/ra/helix/am] [recast]
    Casts a nuke of the tier of the number entered (#)
    Optionally use ga for -ga spells (e.g. Thundaga II), ja for -ja spells (e.g. Thundaja), etc
    Optionally add recast as the last argument to send a /recast message to the chat (e.g. /recast “Thunder VI”)

Configuration commands:
gs c cycle nuketype
    Cycles through the available nuke elements

gs c set nuketype Ice
    Set the nuke element to ice

These commands will allow you to cast any main nukes. Basically, my thought with making these commands was, you could have one macro (or button, if you use custom keybinds as well) which cycles through the elements in order. Then, you could have as many macros as your job has spells to cast. Also, since NukeType is just another Mode (like OffenseMode, CastingMode, etc), you can set it directly to the element you want, like in the second example under the Configuration commands.

So for example, on SCH, since I generally stick to casting with whatever Storm buff I’ve used on myself, my nuking macro line goes something like this:

That first macro allows me to cycle through the element types until I get the one I’m using (e.g. Wind for Aero spells), and then 2-6 do my tier 1-5 nuke spells, with 7 having my helix (I don’t have 1200 JPs on SCH yet, but the only change there would be change 1 to 2 for tier 2 helix).

BLM is a bit different, since I’m generally not getting storms and may want to change up nukes to double burst tier 6s if the mob doesn’t have some specific weakness. In this case, my CTRL macros 1-8 set the nuke type specifically (rather than cycling through it), and my ALT macros are tiers 1-6, ja, ga3, and ancient magic.

If this sounds like something you’d like to have for yourself, here’s how to go about adding it to your GearSwap:

First, here is a link to my GearSwap files for reference. I’ll be including code snippets in this post so you can easily copy/paste into your own files, but if you’re having trouble following, take a look at what I’ve done in mine and hopefully that will help.

Almost all of the code goes in your user-globals.lua file. It could all go into a <job>.lua file if you wanted, but since I use it across multiple jobs, I wanted to put it in globals to make it easier to modify.

Ok, first up is some spell mappings to make generating the input command easier:

Next is adding the NukeType Mode:

Then, we get to the meat of it, actually handling the custom commands:

And finally, this is where you’ll need to modify your <job>.lua files:

And that should be everything.

Some final notes, the reason for including Light and Dark elements is mostly for SCH to allow for helixes, but I did make Light map to Banish/Banishga for those who want to use this on WHM or /WHM. Dark also maps to Comet for use on BLM.

Hopefully you find this useful. If you have any questions or comments, let me know.
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