~First And Final Line Of Defense V2.0~

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~First and Final Line of Defense v2.0~
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user: kylericks
By Bahamut.Jarl 2019-09-06 17:11:40
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Asura.Korgull said: »
Bahamut.Jarl said: »
PLD Bible
We really need something like this on all other job threads.
I think it is the kind of thing to go on the OP Page of a guide. At least logically speaking, as well as roll in the pertinent information to said guides with links to the specific post/posts.
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By Ozaii 2019-09-11 00:49:37
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Hello plds. I wanted to ask how that new sword from lillith looks for your job. I am not sure if it compares to burt. But was curious if that status resist might make it worth equipping sometimes over burt. I usually tank on my run so I do not know what you plds look for but I do remember that other than fealty pld have hard time eith status resists. So was curious if this sword helps to fix that somehow.
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