[Dev] Dungeons EXP Adjustment

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[Dev] Dungeons EXP Adjustment
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By Kalila 2013-11-01 10:32:54
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10-31-2013 12:55 PM
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As was mentioned during the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part IX, we'll be introducing a feature for the Duty Finder in patch 2.1 that will place you in a random dungeon in order to get people participating in a wider variety of dungeons.

Specifically, we will be breaking down dungeon content into different categories such as leveling dungeons, level 50+ dungeons, and primal battles, and players will be matched for random content. You'll be able to challenge each category once every real-world day and as a reward you will receive each kind of Allagan tomestones. Participants will be matched with priority on content that is lacking members.

Also, in order to strike a proper balance between this plan and the experience points gained by participating in FATE, we will be increasing the amount of experience points gained in dungeons in patch 2.1.
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By Ravant Lehnsherr 2013-11-01 14:26:16
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This is a pretty good idea. I really enjoyed some of the earlier dungeons and was kinda disappointed that I had no real reason to go back and do them over again. I also always feared for new players that start a year+ from now when no one is doing those dungeons anymore. Smart move imo.
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