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Let's Talk Fishing!
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By Anna Ruthven 2013-11-03 10:25:36
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Garuda.Chanti said: »
What makes a legendary fishing hole legendary?

I can see The Salt Strand because you can fish up a minion there.

Cape Westwind, where you can catch the Titanic Sawfish isn't one. The stars of a legendary fishing hole are at an otherwise undistingushed puddle next to it.

Were Diciples of the Land not down for me I could cite more examples.

P. S. Where does one catch the tadpole?

East Thanalan, Burning Wall, use Topwater Frog.

I'm not sure what makes a legendary fishing hole. =/
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By Achilles Phthia 2014-05-14 18:59:47
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Just incase anyone is working on the Fishing Record book. In regards to dunefishing. its said that you need at least a 78 ilm fish to get the A rank, anything below that won't cut it. I have found that going after the Eel has a much more likely chance to get a mooch and a larger range of ilm sizes so its also more likely that you'll get above a 78.

that being said. If there is a heat wave weather up, the chances of getting anything moochable plummet for the eel. But oddly enough, getting something moochable for the west side fishing hole go up (but not by much). this could count for all weather but i noticed the statistics really altered for weather.
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