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[Dev] Quest Finder / Helper
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By Kalila 2013-08-16 11:46:46
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I don't really know the real name of this yet .-. I'll change it to the official name when I find out.

Quest Helper Added for Launch!
by aqueliaAug 13, 2013

If you play WoW then you may be familiar with quest addons such as Carbonite (multi purpose addon) and QuestHelper. These addons serve to not only show you the most efficient way of completing quests but also helps you find them, organize them and keep track of completed ones. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn now has a built in function similar to the above, HURRAY! It’s not as extensive as Carbonite, but will tell you where to find quests you’ve not encountered within a certain radius.

It’s optional for anyone to use, for example if I’m feeling super adventurous, I’ll just deny myself the right to click on that button to see what quests are available in the area /nods and run around per usual to find the quests. If I’m lazy /clicks button!

In Beta 4, we’ve added a recommended content list that will display when you are in the vicinity of quests you have yet to receive or quests that you are still working on. By selecting the quest name you’ll be able to open the map for the location they can be received.

This feature will start to display as you progress through the main quest line, and you’ll be able to check it by selecting “Duty” from the main menu. Also, you can set it so that this window is automatically displayed when logging in or changing areas.
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