Locking Specific Main Weapon

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Locking specific main weapon
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By Xnite 2013-03-19 20:00:18
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Trying to get sc to lock weapon swaps when i have lux equipped, but unable to get it to work properly. it does lock while engaged but changes when i disengage.
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By Siren.Kalilla 2013-03-19 20:15:28
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I haven't used it in awhile, but I think the problem is

<main lock="true">item name</main>
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By Phoenix.Kirana 2013-03-19 20:46:09
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Probably doesn't matter, but do you need the mode="or" in that if tag? You are only checking one thing.

edit: Or maybe it's meant to be there and you forgot to add the second condition status="idle"
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By Xnite 2013-03-19 21:10:44
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got it to work
				<if EquipMain="Lux Pugio"> 
					<equip when="all">
					<main lock="true">Lux Pugio</main>
					<sub lock="true" />

needed to add <equip when="all"> also
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