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Einherjar LS recruiting
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By Phoenix.Felos 2012-08-13 01:47:53
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Forged Einherjar Linkshell is recruiting!

We are looking to expand to bolster our numbers as well to begin regular Odin V2 runs if we can get a large and strong enough group to do so.


All jobs are welcome! (Any job, any level that meets requirements to enter). We are well organized, and very experienced.

Run times are Sunday and Thursday @ 8:00 pm PST (gather), 8:30 pm PST (enter), runs generally only last ~10-20 minutes. There are no entrance fees for members attending leaders take care of those costs.

Lotting and Attendance:

We carry no attendance policy and do not lot based on points.

Leaders buy the lamp and take the basic stuff, everyone else who attends can lot Abjurations freely, the exception being Odin/V2). *Most are here for Ichor (i.e. Mythic Weapon) and not treasure.*

Odin / Odin V2 drops are lotted by single item and single Abjuration in /seacom, in the case of ties a lot-off will occur, in the case of an item dropping not in /seacom, it will be free lotted.

For more information or to get a pearl send a /tell to Felos, Thalmalkrichten, or Artificalmonkey in game, reply back to this thread, or PM me here.
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