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Karnak Summer Olympics I
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By akubikumo 2012-01-06 13:38:18
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Karnak Summer Olympics I
Greetings Karnakians!

I wanted to reach out the general Karnak community in hopes of finding players who would be interested in helping create the first Karnak Olympics! If you're tired of waiting for 'content' to come down the pipes, nows your chance to create some yourself! The first step is to build a committee who will decide on events, scheduling and rules. The second step is to create rewards for winning participants. Here's my thoughts so far:

Challenge Categories:
There are 3 Disciplines: Battle, Crafting and Gathering
There are 4 Formats: Individual, Duo, 4-team and 8-team
There are 3 tiers: 20-30, 30-40, 40-50
players level 1-19 are not eligible to participate

The Rules:
- No armor or clothing is permitted with the exception of jewelry
- Participants may wear any undergarments they choose
- All events must be administered by two referees
- Referee decisions are final

Some example events:

Naked Gobbue
-fastest 8-team to beat gobbue

Death Gauntlet
-fastest 4-team to reach ________ Crystal with all 4 members alive

Stone Cold Killer
-fastest Disciple of Land to kill mob with Stone throw

HQ Sprint
-first Disciple of Hand to create 3 HQ items

HQ Sprint 4-team
-first 4-team to create 12 HQ items

Who we need:

The Committee: responsible for deciding on competitions and their requirements as well as logistics, rewards and the appointing of referees. Committee members are not allowed to be referees.

The Referees: responsible for observing events, clocking timed events and calling winners and fouls. Referees MAY NOT participate in the competition.

Participants: sponsored by and representing a linkshell. Participants may only represent ONE linkshell. Linkshells may enter as many participants as they like

Hostshell: is the hosting linkshell. They are responsible for forming the committee and registering participants.

I am hoping to get our server thriving again and don't feel liek waiting around for SE to do it for us. So lets take some action! ^ ^
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