Figaro Event: Eorzea's Next Top Model!

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Figaro Event: Eorzea's Next Top Model!
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By Tonnai 2011-11-23 00:49:56
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(c) Designer Tonn Gunn

Saturday, December 3rd
8:00PM EST (GMT -7)
Gather together: Ul'dah (5,4)
Under the lit archway, South of the Market Wards

You wanna be on top? The streets of Ul'dah are burning up with the hottest event this side of Thanalan: sexy, chic, and all-time original fashion! You're invited to dress and impress for three special categories, each offering a 1,000,000g grand prize!

Fresh personality! Gear up for "Best Dressed" (professional, edgy, modern), "Most Original" (inspirational, creative, bohemian), or our special category "Designer's Pick" (brave risk-taker)! Participants are allowed to partake in one, two, or all three choices.

Fierce beauty! We ask our models to prepare individual outfits without clothing cross-over. Each look must stand alone for its chosen category.

Fabulous strut! To showcase their style, participants are required to walk a straight line, pose, walk back, and give a unique flair to the judges. Flairs are your time to shine-- anything is allowed!

All classes, all characters welcome. No entry fee necessary.
Please /tell Tonnai Shiniku for official registration.
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By Tonnai 2011-11-26 22:39:51
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Bump for those coming back from Thanksgiving who might have missed this. ^.^ We are one week away, so please register!
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By ExauriasPhoenix 2011-11-27 05:33:49
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Hope you have as much fun as we did doing ours!

Here are our finalists' commercials!
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