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Empty Shadow [Endgame/Event] Linkshell LFM
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By shadonic 2011-10-19 14:46:25
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I'll use this thread to introduce our Linkshell and our objectives to you, in hope to get some interested in joining us.

Empty Shadow was once a sub-Linkshell to our Social Linkshell Shadowflame (German based Linkshell) in FFXI which was created to collect our members from Shadowflame in one place to do Endgame content together.

Due to the lack of active German players on Gysahl we decided to wake Empty Shadow from it's slumber again, but this time with the idea to also invite english speaking players that are interested to do Endgame/Event based content together.

okay let's stop with the introduction here and get the facts on the table!

to join Empty Shadow we expect some things you should bring with yourself upon applying to us!

>) 1 Disciple of the War or Magic that is allready leveled to 50.

>) Your playtime should be around ours (GMT+1/2), 17:00~23:00 (we don't have a problem with members that are outside our timezone, but you should be able to attend to events during this times!)

>) English or German skills in writing (speaking is a plus if we decide to use Teamspeak, but that's still undecided as of yet!)

>) and the most important of all! Respect for others.We all do our jokes at times, but we keep it at that.We accept absolutely no LS intern Drama.

Now to show you what you can expect from Empty Shadow!

>) The core of the LS is build of Members that have played together since the early days in FFXI till now.We even had numerous LS RL meetings before,
the last which took place in vienna was not even half a year ago.
So you can expect a rather friendly, and tight knit LS.

>) no point / attendance rule for item drops. (we share drops equally to those that attend at an event, while giving main classes a first go at their drops to strengthen up our group simultaneously!)

>) no set schedules for Events/Endgame content (for now!)
our Members decide what they want to do when enough are online and feel like killing something.this shall not mean that we are running around headless, there just isn't enough content yet to pack every day with events untill we get sick of them ;)
Events can be planned ahead if Members want to make sure enough varity of players & classes are online at the same time of course!

>) no attendance rule.We understand that some might not allways be up to join endgame activities multiple days in a row and rather do their levequests or grind their crafting class.
While we completly understand this,
please note that we'll still take actions if this is happening every day for weeks straight.
we're still an endagme shell with a goal to achieve, and this requires teamwork!

>) non-endgame related activities (Levequests, grind partyies, etc.)

We also own a Homepage, though it's mainly build around our Social Linkshell Shadowflame & FFXIV in general, we opened a Forum category on our Board where Empty Shadow Members can find a place to post about various topics.

>>> Shadowflame & Empty Shadow Board <<<

I apologize in advance that the Board is in German language, so is the Registration form, but our Admin Fidi is working on translating the Board rules etc. to make it less troublesome for our english speaking friends to register on our Board :)

We don't use an application form as for now, but if you wish to tell us more about you, you can allways use the Empty Shadow section to introduce yourself to us.

To join us please reply here and leave your ingame name, contact us by making a new post/application on our Board or find one of Empty Shadows leaders online and send them a /tell.

Ingame names of Leaders : Fidi Fairlight, Black Rose, Evrei Drachena, Ragna Vermilion, Arkune Bloodedge

you can also send us a /tell if you have further questions about us or Empty Shadow.

We hope to have woken your interest in us and are happy to meet you ingame!
Empty Shadow group picture
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