Position Of Clickable UI Elements In Windowed Mode

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Position of Clickable UI Elements in Windowed Mode
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By mohgeroth 2022-05-18 10:01:26
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In windowed mode I noticed a few years back that the position of clickable UI elements is offset which makes certain addons difficult if not impossible to use correctly.

A great example of this is the bluhelper addon which presents all blue magic in a neat little UI so you can quickly add skills to adjust job traits. As you hover in windowed mode you'll notice that it's not actually selecting the elements that are underneath your mouse cursor, you have to move the cursor down and to the right a bit but the further you get from the top left of the screen the larger this distance becomes.

Is there an option somewhere to auto adjust this or is Windower just unable to report back the current dimensions of the window? If I go into full screen or full screen borderless mode everything works fine. Unfortunately most of the time I'd rather be in Windowed mode so I've just lived with it but after downloading ruptchat I realize I can't interact with this thing unless I switch to fullscreen borderless mode so I'd love a way to fix this or at least detect it so I can adjust the lua myself to add support.
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By Bismarck.Xurion 2022-05-18 10:28:37
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Have you increased / decreased the "UI Scaling" in the Windower launcher? I recall this was an issue for me a while ago but I don't think it is considered important to fix with v5 on the way.
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By mohgeroth 2022-05-18 11:00:29
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It looks like its set to the default 1.0 scaling. Didn’t realize that this was even an option so good suggestion!
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