Need Advice As Solo Player No Dual Or Triple Boxin

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Need Advice as solo player no dual or triple boxin
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By whereistooki 2022-05-06 09:05:11
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i only use trusts and never used windower, will it be hard for me to solo contents as PLD?
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By Aoibhe 2022-05-06 10:30:45
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Harder than if you did.
Serveur: Asura
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user: Gunit
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By Asura.Bippin 2022-05-06 10:58:19
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Would need information about what content you want to solo and how well geared you are.

I would not say PLD is the best job to try and solo stuff with trust.
Serveur: Shiva
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user: Humpo
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By Shiva.Humpo 2022-05-06 11:27:38
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Depends on content.
Certainly a level where soloing is not an option.
PLD is fine as you likely won't die, just time out as it's typically not high dps.
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By Bahamut.Suph 2022-05-06 11:46:49
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I feel like DD trusts fare the worst vs real geared players compared to other type of trusts

Tank trusts are serviceable for most contents

Whm trusts is better than a bad to mediocre real whm except they dont have eber pants so they can run out of mp in healing intensive fight

Koru moru and Ulmia will likely keep your buff and debuff up better than most players except those with 10 mins songs

But DD trust, even Shantotto 2, wont even come close to the dps of a decently geared player. Only DD trust worth using is like Ayame as she can double your ws damage.

I feel like if you want to solo things with trusts, DD or hybrid job might be better? Even ninja will likely deal enough damage to solo more things than pld.
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By Lakshmi.Sahzi 2022-05-06 11:54:28
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Agreed with all above.

I play 100% vanilla and handle a vast amount of content "solo." I put that in quotes because I also hang with some nice and talented players that make many things possible. I also have a very large group of jobs properly leveled and geared for any situation.

I have pld geared and it's near useless when I'm solo. It packs zero punch and I can't achieve much of what I need. What does work?

I don't like the job much but you need BLU. For soloing slightly older content that involves mass mobs nothing beats Blu cleaving. Einherjar, assaults, escha soloing. No contest.

A top level geared thf gives you TH, massive evasion,and respectable dps to bring down what you need. Soloing Omen, Sinister Reign, most NMs through escha sky gods all no problem.

You can make PLD work, but use other jobs to service the one you care about the most.
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