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Directions Linkshell Looking for members
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By Seraph.Tetsudai 2009-10-29 11:09:36
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Directions focuses on group leveling, nation rank quests, storyline missions(Zilart, Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urghan, Wings of the Goddess) and Add-ons!
If you find it troubling to find people for anything related above, you are an accepted candidate! Join today!

This LS will not advance to endgame activities, being the fact that there happens to be many wonderful linkshells for that. Use this linkshell as a stepping stone to what Vana'Diel has to offer you!

/tell Tetsudai in game for a sack
or post in this thread with your character name and I will surely get back to you in-game.

Thank you for your time!
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