Addon: Menu Fix For Private Servers (Nov 2020)

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Addon: Menu fix for private servers (Nov 2020)
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By Lili 2021-01-22 16:46:25
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Hello all,

November's Update for Final Fantasy XI has brought up an issue on private servers where the client will crash when opening the Status -> Profile menu.

I wrote this addon as a temporary workaround for this issue.


This addon is for windower. A plugin for Ashita with the same functionality is available in the Ashita discord.

Again, this is a workaround. The proper fix is to either use a version of the client compatible with your server, or for the server to be updated to use the new packet format. If your server has this issue, let your server administrators know and bug them to update the server.

NOTE: this might be incomplete, as there's another packet that was changed and some values shifted around. However, for now it seems to have fixed the issue. If you're still experiencing crashes when opening the menu, please report them on github or in this thread. Thanks
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