"blist" Addon Nonfunctional?

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"blist" addon nonfunctional?
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By seraphila 2021-01-09 08:17:37
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Has anyone ever gotten the "blist" addon that's included with Windower to work? I just tested it, and it doesn't actually do anything. You can add names to the addon's blacklist, but it doesn't actually block their messages, meaning the addon doesn't appear to serve any actual purpose.

I first tried it about a year ago and found that it didn't do anything. I assumed it was just some new bug that would get fixed at some point. Then today I just remembered the addon again after looking in the Windower Addon list and decided to give it another try. Still nothing.

Am I missing something here, or has this addon just been broken for years? It seems strange that it would still be in the Windower addon list built right into the program if it doesn't actually do anything.

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By Fenrir.Niflheim 2021-01-09 10:19:23
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A bug was never reported, Looks like the addon doesn't know about the yell channel, so it doesn't check if it needs to be blocked

a bit of a bystander effect I would guess, "I am sure someone else has reported this"

I will look into getting yell added; however, I would suggest you look into the automatic yell blocking addons floating around. They are a better solution than manually blacklisting random people.
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