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unmroe addon
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Game: FFXI
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By Pandemonium.Zeto 2020-11-19 17:10:14
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Hi all

I've written up an addon built upon the ROE addon that lets you set and unset UNM objects by NM or area name.

The commands are simple
//unmroe set <nm/area name>
//uroe unset <nm/area name>

Using area name will attempt add/remove all UNMs in that area, usually just 1 but some zones have 2. Names are punctuation and whitespace sensitive and are currently just the full names. Since autotranslating area names is probably the best way of using this, I probably won't add NM shortcuts.

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By ksoze 2020-12-20 07:10:04
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Exactly what i was looking for! tnx mate
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