WTB During AMAN Campaign

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WTB during AMAN campaign
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By soralin 2019-05-14 23:47:28
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Naw, I just buy hundreds of orbs.
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By tyalangan 2019-05-15 09:33:04
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Ah, Asura. I forget that’s an option as it’s nonexistsnt on my server.
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By interceptor 2019-05-18 01:10:53
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Bahamut.Inspectorgadget said: »
I have 13 AMAN trove mules, I'd sell any of the bodies for 200M on Bahamut.

I've already gotten myself the 3 best ones, all I need from it anymore is a Nisroch, O. Belt, and a WSD Ring.

please check your pm ;o
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By Cronnus 2019-05-18 06:36:31
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Lakshmi.Buukki said: »
Is there honestly a market for that body piece? I'll admit, the drop is non-existent if you are even farming Diff Dawns, but damn, 50? It did take me a good 60~ runs between VD-N to actually get one, so I get it's rare. Just shocked people would pay that much for it. I guess it's a TF piece?

Overkill already....but I use it for dynamis when one shotting statues. I wear and it for the cors and rngs. I want to help in some sort of fashion if whatever job I'm on isnt able to help already.
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