Add Barlight/barlightra And Bardark/bardarkra

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Add barlight/barlightra and bardark/bardarkra
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By Pudgy 2019-04-21 11:50:04
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It seems strange that there are bar-element spells for the 6 "main" elements, but not for light and dark. This is a hole in WHM, RDM and RUN elemental defensive options without there being an evident reason why. (For example, BRD get elemental defense songs (carols) in all 8 elements, and elemental enfeebling songs (threnody) in all 8 elements. SCH gets weather-effect spells for all 8 eleements. and RUN gets job ability-based runes in all 8 elements.)

I would suggest adding the WHM spells Barlightra and Bardarkra, and RDM and RUN spells Barlight and Bardark, with the same general mechanics as the existing other bar-element spells.
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By SimonSes 2019-04-21 12:21:12
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Game is probably designed with having in mind that those spells doesnt exist. If they add them, they will probably increase macc for light and dark debuffs in future to counter that. Not sure if thats good.
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By Lili 2019-04-22 06:13:44
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I love that this is in the XIV subforum.

That said, RUN does have light/dark elemental resists already via runes. It's pretty strong too, and it functionally becomes an aoe barspell/barstatus via run JAs, it's just not a "set and forget" spell. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

If anything, I'd give Barlight/Bardark to PLD.
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