Returning Player Looking For EU Group/LS

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Returning player looking for EU group/LS
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By Drorond 2019-04-04 12:24:14
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I just returned to the game in january 2019 after a 8 years break.

I caught up with a lot of the new content i missed to gear my jobs decently (WAR Ukon and BLU Tizona) and my alt too (WHM / BRD).

Now i'm looking for an EU group or linkshell to do content i cant solo (like Omens bosses, dynamis (D), Escha & Rei T3/T4 helm, etc...).

So feel free to pm me if you are a EU group or LS looking for members.
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By Odin.Senaki 2019-04-04 14:35:18
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Unfortunately, Asura might be your best bet as the population due to the overwhelmingly population. I know Odin only has one very small EU LS, and Odin is in the top 5 for population. So yeah...

Best of luck to you all the same!
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