Gearswap/ Combat Chat Stop Working

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gearswap/ combat chat stop working
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By Riakon 2019-01-28 07:07:06
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Gearswap and combat chat randomly will stop working to the point where combat log will not show anything, and if I try to use any abilties or weaponskills/ja's nothing happens. If I unload gearswap I can cast them again but if I reload it again same thing happens.
If I wait awhile combat chat will all flow back in at once for however long it wasn't working and gearswap will start working again.
This is completely random and can be 10-15 mins to an hour plus, only way I've figured out to fix it is to literally shut down and reload the game. And then I'm at the mercy of it randomly happening again.

I tried alot of things including reinstalling ff11, reinstalling windower 4(a few times), disabling all windower addons but gearswap to make sure nothing else was conflicting.

Also during this time I have no lag at all I can zone and still engage with mobs just fine.

After further testing i think the combat log was lagging up because of battlelog but currently its barely playable with how often gearswap just stops working altogether. And when it comes back it spams all the times I tried to use skills into chat.
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