Bst Jug Pet Skillchains

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Bst jug pet skillchains
Serveur: Garuda
Game: FFXI
user: Kleitun
Posts: 23
By Garuda.Kleitun 2016-07-10 15:45:56
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does anyone know of a chart, or page that has all of the available skillchains with just pets alone?

thanks in advance.
Serveur: Siren
Game: FFXI
Posts: 101
By Siren.Bloodlusty 2016-07-10 16:02:26
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Serveur: Lakshmi
Game: FFXI
user: ashtopcat
Posts: 91
By Lakshmi.Ashtopcat 2016-07-10 17:27:25
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shame on you kleitun
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