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[FC] Resolute is looking for members
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By Rinuko 2015-01-21 16:54:23
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FC resolute <OneUp> on Cerberus is looking for players that like to help others and progress. We want to forge a relationship as a group of people to do Lv50+ content, this includes coils. We are currently on T9 but are happy to help people thorugh First Coils and older Lv50 content.

Even if you are not Lv50 today you are welcome to join.

Teamspeak is highly preferred as we communicate alot other there but not a requirment. During focused content like coils it a requirment though.

We have a website but its currently under development (there you will find schedule, forum and much more).

Sounds interesting?
Feel free to contact following people:

Cozzaa Frenzy
Rinuko Lubaru
K'ril Tsutsaroth
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