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MNK hand to hand
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By Asura.Masterdarkjedi 2014-12-06 16:46:07
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What's the cap for delay hand to hand for MNK?
Also has ninja job surpassed MNK when it comes to attacking fast?

At level 82 MNK get Martial Arts VII Lowers base Hand-to-Hand delay to 280.

Whats the lowest you can go with the delay?
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By Anna Ruthven 2014-12-06 17:13:31
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By Carbuncle.Kaelthas 2014-12-06 17:37:02
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Taken from Jinjo's MNK guide:

Hand-to-Hand delay is set to an initial value of 480. This means that without any weapon equipped, 480 is to be considered your base delay. Weapons add to your base delay. This is important because your maximum delay reduction is determined from this value! The minimum delay for Hand-to-Hand combat is therefore 96. The delay for Hand-to-Hand weapons is significantly reduced by Martial Arts traits, but this is included in your maximum delay reduction. Gear haste, Magic haste, and Job ability haste are all applied after the martial arts reduction. Because Martial Arts is not applied as a percentage reduction, this can tend to make delay reduction calculations slightly more tedious than usual.
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