Sevrer Fun Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba (Ballista PVP)

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Sevrer fun Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba (Ballista PVP)
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By Nemezar 2014-03-03 13:59:18
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Majestic Linkshell are celebrating its ninth year and we are inviting the whole server to come join us in a friendly player vs player event.
No Ballista licence is required, all you need is pass given by myself or others with passes already, these are given out closer to the event time and ofcourse you will need to bring a good sense of humour.

The Event will be 2 hours long consisting of 2 maybe 3 matches, those arriving late may need to wait until the next match so please be punctual. The Event itself starts at 7pm uk time, gathering at 6pm would be wise. Closer to the start time Nemezar will be busy with creating the rules so if you are comming alone, not in a group it would be best to get the pass from myself well before 7pm.

The Date for this event is Saturday the 22nd of March, I hope to see alot of the old schools there and hope some of the newer players also. If you have never done player vs player before, your in for a shock its actually really fun! (Ya hard to find that in this game anymore)

Contact myself Nemezar or my mule Nemezous or any Sack holder in majestic for a pass 48 hours before the event, or ofcourse post your name here and i'll come find you in game.
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