[Dev] PS3 Focus Target & PS3 / PS4 UI Adjustments

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[Dev] PS3 Focus Target & PS3 / PS4 UI Adjustments
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By Kalila 2013-11-01 10:40:43
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10-30-2013 05:15 PM
Hiroshi Minagawa
Dev Team

It's not possible to use focus targets on the PS3 version, will this be possible in 2.1?

To address this, there are various adjustments that must be made, but due to the fact that the usage of focus targeting plays an important role in strategy, we are proceeding to make this possible for the PS3 version.

However, currently we are not able to guarantee that this will be implemented in patch 2.1.

To give you all an idea of the situation, from patch 2.1 the amount of information displayed will increase because of the alliance UI. (In addition to the current party list, the information for two other parties will be displayed.)

In addition to the alliance information, we are currently proceeding with discussions and implementation* for whether there is a method for the UI memory and process stress can fit within PS3 specifications when the focus target UI is displayed.

*The memory and processes allocated to the PS3 version UI are reaching their limit, so we are cutting other existing UI display processes and data to open up some memory and processes, and trying to pave way for the focus target feature. (This work is the so-called "optimization" process.)

During normal times there is almost no problem; however, when displaying the maximum amount of windows there is a possibility that memory is depleted due to UI drawing, and in the worst case part of the UI display may not be drawn (what disappears can vary based on the condition of the UI display being displayed), so we need some time in order to look into this during actual play and ways to handle this.

I'll be sure to let you know whether or not we can confirm this for patch 2.1 implementation.

Is the PS4 version's UI exactly the same as the PC version?

I'd be lying if I said it’s "exactly" the same, but we plan on making it just about 98% the same.

UI-wise, we are using the Windows version as a base for the PS4 version, so the features, including focus target, cross hotbar, vertical/horizontal hotbar display, and multiple chat log window display will be the same for both Windows and PS4 versions.

The default settings for the control mode of the PS4 version will be gamepad mode, but we are planning to support keyboard and mouse mode as well. (We are also in the midst of testing the use of the PS4 controllers track pad to be used like a mouse.)

Naturally, from a UI display resolution perspective, the PS4 has a video card that is capable of 4K display, so you can't really compare a PS4 with a PC that has a top-end video card.

Also, the PS4 version will have features that the Windows version does not, such as play screen sharing and linking with the PS VITA.

We encourage you to choose your platform according to the points that you all would like to place emphasis on when playing.

98% is pretty much the same I’d say. How about add-on support for the PS4?

Just like the PS3, the PS4 was made by Sony Computer Entertainment and they have their own set of software development agreements. It won't be possible to execute add-on software for XIV that does not meet their agreements. Due to this, just like the PS3, user created add-ons cannot be used on the PS4 version.

We plan on addressing extremely popular add-on features by releasing them officially, and instead of distributing them as individual add-ons we will be developing them as regular features that will be added and implemented in patches.

What’s the status on the feature that will allow us to save our HUD layout, gearsets, and hotbar settings?

We are currently full-steam ahead with implementation of this.

We'd like to do an extremely careful job debugging the file utility feature that handles the saved data, so please give us just a bit more time.
*Especially for the large amount of cases where this will be used by players who use multiple FFXIV registration codes.

In order to release this a bit earlier than patch 2.1, this is being developed as an independent program that can be executed from the FFXIV launcher.
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By Fenrir.Mariane 2013-11-01 11:08:55
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Well, no plugins or windower-ish extensions support kind of make sense if it's about a iron-grip-closed platform such as game consoles ... lol
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By Shiva.Arana 2013-11-01 13:25:32
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10-30-2013 05:15 PM
Hiroshi Minagawa
Dev Team

*The memory and processes allocated to the PS3 version UI are reaching their limit,

The memory and processes allocated to the PS3 version UI are reaching their limit
PS3 version UI are reaching their limit
PS3 limit

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