[FC] Aftermath Recruiting!

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[FC] Aftermath Recruiting!
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By Fenrir.Reece 2013-07-11 21:09:10
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Free Company: Aftermath
Server: Diabolos for Beta (Open to anything in replies!)
Voice Chat: Ventrilo (Events) / Casual; Skype (Up to you)
Website: Currently making one, check back!
Current Member Count: 7/8
Region: NA & EU (Any time zones)
Age Requirement: None just mature people!


We're a Free Company focused on Casual play and fun, we're going to be crafting a huge amount too in spare time to help each other out. As the game progresses and a few members drop off/slide in we'll start doing Endgame events regularly.

As a group we've all played together for a number of years and all relatively experienced in MMOs. We're looking for members that can join our group to chill and have fun, not play hardcore and be an elitist.

That said we like to win of course but the main aim is fun and always will be.

We will be definitely focusing on FC Player housing too big time! We're very interested in that and gonna have some serious gil thrown in there for fun and some creation!


We are definitely not forcing or trying to force anyone that wants to join play as a certain class, it's whatever you have come join in. Bards and Black Mages always welcome though!

There's no real requirements to join us, all we ask if your friendly and willing to help each other out! You must be mature but that doesn't mean we don't have a sense of humour, and maybe a little thick skin in here. We do like to kid around a lot because of the fact we're all close.

Even if you don't have a craft that's totally fine we're looking for cool people to chill with and enjoy the game.

We're always on Skype whilst we play at least and if you're interested you can either PM me, reply back or add one of us on skype and get involved!

If we're not on your server right now (Beta) don't worry just let me know in a PM and based on replies we can all pick something everyone agrees too and become a tight knit FC

Skype Names: ReeceHerbal or Matlanta
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