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Rancor Linkshell Now Recruiting post Merge
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By jmarkle 2012-03-25 17:43:26
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Hey all, Rancor is now actively recruiting new members. We're looking for people who play consistently and are versatile in their classes and jobs. We're a small tight-nit group of players who look at quality, not quantity, being our strongest suit. We are a heavily event based LS, and we run events 4 or more times a week, usually doing about 4-6 runs per night. Our event time starts at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST / 7 PM MST / 6 PM PST and usually runs till about 2 AM EST / 1 AM CST / 12 AM MST / 11 PM CST.

We do require you to listen on vent when we're running an event (you don't have to talk, but you NEED to know what's being said and what's going on at all times).

Our motto is that you get what you put in. Meaning that if you're running events consistently, helping players out, etc. you're going to be rewarded.

We also don't put the game before real life, despite the fact that we have a serious but fun play style. Things come up, and sometimes you won't be on for something or maybe won't be on for a week. Just give us a heads up if you can. If you just disappear and don't say a word to anyone ever, chances are people won't be willing to help you out if you just came back after a fresh patch or something.

Finally, remember, it's a game, have fun and enjoy it! We all rage sometimes, and we all know things can get frustrating now and again. Just remember that Rancor is more like a family, not just a bunch of random shell hoppers that are here today and gone next week. We're concise, consistent, and love this game!

Posts: 38
By jmarkle 2012-03-25 18:22:09
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I just realize the title is a bit misleading. This post is obviously pre merge, but we can't actually add anyone until post merge...obvious again. Just thought I'd clarify though.
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