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Tempest Linkshell - Hyperion (Recruitment)
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By Eclipse 2012-03-23 14:00:37
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About Us
We are an highly active North American based shell. While we are mainly NA we do have members from the EU! Tempest is a shell that is considered a family or a home for most rather than just another Linkshell. Our main goal is to help our LS mates become better players and achieve their End Game goals. While we are not an exclusive shell, we base our shells very principals on loyalty; Once you are full fledged member Tempest will be your only end game shell and the Tempest Flag must be posted during event time.

Our core group of leadership is from FFXI and Asura. We hold true to the principals that we utilized in XI. This is why loyalty is such an important factor to our shell.

Scheduling and Events
While new content is constantly surfacing, Tempest accomplishes double duty but not only support our members who need past content but current content as well.

We use our forums to communicate events, check for attendance and to process our most important information. For more information see us at http://tempestls.com.

Here at Tempest Linkshell we want everyone to feel at home, so if you are looking for a Linkshell to call home, Tempest is the place for you!

Recruitment Requirements
● Must be highly active player!
● If DoW or DoM Main: Disciple of War or Magic at Level 50.
● If DoH or DoL Main: Disciple of Hand or Land at Level 50.
● Headset / Headphones - Mic is secondary
● Helpful!
● No drama allowed.
- While we do like to have fun, tease one another and joke... We are highly against provoking other Linkshells or causing drama between our peers or one another.

Currently Recruiting as of 03/23/2012
Other classes / jobs not currently recruiting for are welcome to apply.
● Blacksmith Level 45+
● Alchemy Level 45+
● Carpenter Level 45+
● Archer Level 50

If you are interested in applying please visit the forums if interested in joining our Linkshell Family at http://tempestls.com under Recruitment.

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By Nianny 2012-03-23 14:48:43
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Good people in this Linkshell. Good luck with recruitment Eclipse! :)
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By ladycrim 2012-03-23 15:24:35
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Good luck recruiting!

We're all looking forwards to the merger and meeting many of you Trabians =)
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By Eclipse 2012-03-26 17:30:41
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Thank you Koko!

We are looking forward to meeting everyone from Kashuan! I think we are going to be a great match up, as servers go.
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