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Miqo'te only & co-opt
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By Mimori 2011-10-26 09:08:01
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Looking for more members to participate in The Sleeping Cat, and Pets. both do runs together.
The sleeping cat is Miqo'te only
Pets is where the Miqo'te can join and invite their close friends if they pass our personality test(we found that it was much needed to test members)

We're very relaxed endgame, active every Wed. foucused on various things.

Our LS website: Miqote.enjin.com

send a /tell to momeki odgerel in game for the test and invite.
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By Cicacat 2011-10-26 10:23:16
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If you have a buddypass Ill be ready for the test in 2 weeks. ^_^
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