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Parabellum NM/Faction LS
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By AphroditeAreia 2011-02-21 04:57:09
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We are an endgame NM Linkshell based on Kashuan Server, our linkshell runs off a wishlist system. We only allow you to have 1 LINKSHELL and thats ours.

We kill NM’s at scheduled times everyday which are both EU and NA friendly. Our aim is to be the best linkshell on our server and we will make sure the linkshell members are our number 1 priority. All gear obtained goes to linkshell members until we have no use for them anymore, then we sell/split. We are looking for unique individuals who are hardcore gamers and want to be number 1!.

We expect our LS members to treat each other with respect and respect other Linkshells.

If you feel this is the linkshell for you then please apply here.

Or send a tell to Aphrodite Areia, Kenneth Minamoto or Xaimera Zeal
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