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Small Douche Free Linkshell
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By Kujata.Dryas 2010-10-07 09:14:03
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We are a small group of friends that would like to meet a few new people! We don’t want to get too much bigger – but we also don’t want to just play XI all over again!! If you’re not a douche and AT LEAST 18 or over (honestly preferably 25+ & seriously, NO douches xD) and you’re interested in joining a linkshell that is laid back (we ALL have full time careers and real lives that come first) helps each other out, and is continuing their XI tradition of liquor + Saturday night linkshell events, we would love to meet you! Although we may not play 24 hours a day anymore; at least some of us are on every day and we try for group activities Thursday Friday and/or Saturday nights. Four of us are coordinating/focusing on crafting as well! If interested PST to Dagger Warlock, Vongola Primo, Sparky Rivan, Felidae Tootsarama, Leethosoh (I forget his last name xD) or me, Dryas Iulia!
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